Program Registration Step 1

To participate, all organizations begin by reading the below information and then clicking "Continue" at the bottom of this page.

Registration Deadline: April 20, 2018

Once the registration information is received by Best Companies Group, the primary contact will receive a welcome email (which will include additional instructions) and an invoice via email (unless you choose to pay with a credit card at the end of this form).

Participation fees: Fees differ and are determined based upon the size of the company and the survey method chosen. We cannot combine both survey methods. Not all companies are eligible for the email-based online process. Please review the Assessment Process page for further information.

Number of Employees in Arkansas
# Arkansas Employees Surveyed
Paper Fee(1)
15 - 24(2)
25 - 99 All $720 $1,095
100 - 199
200 - 499
Up to 250 (3)
500 - 2499
350 (3)
2500 +
400 (3)

(1) Fees are non-refundable.
(2) To ensure the credibility of the information, companies with 15-24 employees must have an 80% (or better) response rate to be considered for the list.
(3) Employees are randomly selected. Best Companies Group offers the option to survey more employees than the random sample calculated in the above chart, and/or include additional employees in the survey process who work in locations outside of the program area. Please contact Best Companies Group for details and pricing.

Added Value: Upon completion of the assessment process, all participating companies will receive an Employee Feedback Report which details the results of their specific survey. Similar reports can cost thousands of dollars if initiated independently. Once the registration form is received, Best Companies Group will send the company (according to the Timeline):

  • The Employer Benefits & Policies Questionnaire (employer questionnaire)
  • The Employee Engagement & Satisfaction Survey (employee survey)
  • Survey distribution instructions
  • Other supporting materials and instructions (see Assessment Process for more details).


Click "Continue" to be taken to the second step of the registration process.


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